Made in the USA

How It All Started.

Eye black grease has been around since the earlier 20th century. The idea behind the grease, which was originally derived from burning cork, came from the desire of baseball and football players to reduce glare from the sun when on the playing field. Since its introduction to sports, the application of eye black amongst outdoor athletes at all levels has become commonplace, not only for its glare-reducing capabilities but also for its resemblance to primitive war paint.

EyeBlack has taken the popular concept of the traditional black grease and turned it into an easily applied adhesive team face stickers for athletes to wear under their eyes, which provides the same anti-glare benefits without the mess. With our manufacturing capabilities, we have patented the ability to create completely customized eye black with logos and phrases in a vast range of colors. Since the company’s inception in 2003, our patented logo eye black has grown significantly in popularity. Customers buy our under eye stickers for both on and off the field use.

Same Athletic Material

Our Logo eye black stickers and Athletic EyeBlack are both printed on our sophisticated medical tape and adhesives, much like a band-aid that crafts comfortably to your skin. The customized eye black material is latex free, breathable when wearing and easy to remove. This makes our team face stickers the perfect fit for both the athletes on the field as well as the fans in the stands.

Stock Designs

Collegiate / Player Numbers / School Mascot Stickers / Team Names / Team Colors / Motivation / Team Spirit / Breast Cancer Awareness / Country Flags / Youth Size

Our extensive customized eye black stock categories and designs are created to meet the demands of a wide variety of interest from ahletes, fans, schools, teams, and organizations. While we use the same athletic material, team face stickers are not limited to on field use. Our customers have found great ways to utilize our customized eye black, including homecoming, pep rallies, big games & events, and even fundraisers!