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Now you are only limited by your imagination. Our team can build your custom eyeblacks, ready to ship, with your team logo, colors or slogan

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From the individual athlete, to the team or a large giveaway event, EyeBlack sells authentic EB that is used on the field to help reduce the glare of the sun. The material is safe and tested, we have a full line of products that will improve the performance on the field or to help support the team or cause you choose.

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Business Info

We are the best kept secret in sports.
The company has developed, created and marketed a revolutionary new sports product.  The founder, Peter Beveridge, remembers talking with people in '04 and '05 about "branded EyeBlack" and people would have no idea what he was talking about. Since that time, even in an economy that was not conducive to starting a self-financed "new business", the company has grown significantly every year.
The business was incorporated in 2003 in Rockville, Maryland.  Peter thought that putting logos, mascots and/or messaging on EyeBlack would be a valuable property and business.  He partnered with Stephen Comiskey who had patented the concept with 3 U.S. patents; and later the company added additional intellectual property rights in the European Union. As clever as both Peter and Steve thought the business idea was, it was a novel idea for the sports and business world. Peter tested the viability of the EyeBlack product with football teams at the University of Maryland, Virginia Tech, and the University of Miami (Fla). The results were spectacular. The players loved the product and the product performed well on the field.
After a couple of years of fine tuning and improving the product on the field, it became evident that the fans were also interested in purchasing and wearing what the players on the field used. The company then moved from providing high quality Eyeblack products to just the athletes and teams to also providing the same identical product for the fans.  This process of continuously creating new and improved branded EyeBlack for players, teams and fans has led the company to develop additional shapes of the product and to research other products that fit with  the core competencies of the company. In the year 2010, the company sold over 5 million pairs of EyeBlack to athletes, teams, fans, organizations, companies, charities, fundraisers, and for large and small corporate giveaways.
We are a small company that believes in doing the right thing for all of our customers, not just our high profile professional athlete customers. This means providing a very high level of customer service which is responsive to customer phone calls and emails; and always being polite and helpful. The company is also charitable to the community. We work with a variety of causes and organizations such as Breast Cancer, Alzheimer's, Autism, and teams who have had  athletes unexpectedly pass away or be seriously injured, among many others.
Ultimately, we believe that our company, our EyeBlack products and brand are built around a sense of team and community.  Our employees have taken the risk of joining a small company and they each have worked to create an environment that is successful and enjoyable. This is reflected by the many customer comments we receive that are ecstatic about the level of service they have received and the quality of the product they have purchased.


Patents has 3 United States patents: 5.939.142 and 6.096.154 and 6.350.338 along with 1 European Union patent: 1.222.072

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