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Now you are only limited by your imagination. Our team can build your custom eyeblacks, ready to ship, with your team logo, colors or slogan

Eyeblack for teams

From the individual athlete, to the team or a large giveaway event, EyeBlack sells authentic EB that is used on the field to help reduce the glare of the sun. The material is safe and tested, we have a full line of products that will improve the performance on the field or to help support the team or cause you choose.

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What is your product made of?

Our product is made of a 3M medical grade tape. The product is latex free and breathes very well. It is very safe and has been tested by several independent labs.


What is price per pair?, What do I get for $.99?

$.99 is for a pair of EyeBlack. The best analogy is like a pair of shoes, you receive a left and a right.


Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, we do offer bulk discounts. Please email for details.


How does EyeBlack come packaged?

Online orders are packaged in our TEAM SALES packaging. Each pair (2-strips) comes sheeted with 2-pairs per sheet which is separated by a perforation. Sheets are in re-seal-able plastic bags with up to 100 pairs per bag.


Why does the website default to 2?

Since the sheets have 2-pairs per sheet we do not split single sheets into single pairs.


How do I order custom EyeBlack?

Get started with our free Artwork service. Send your description, logo, or idea to and we will return a no-cost, no-obligation virtual proof. Our artwork service is very fast and most times we return art same day!


How long does it take to ship stock and custom EyeBlack?

Stock orders are typically shipped out in 24 – 48 business hours. Custom orders are shipped in "give or take" two weeks, following your approval of product design and specification. Expedited shipping, including overnight service, is available upon request.


Are the shipping times listed quaranteed?

No they are not.  These are estimates and vary based on a few factors.  If you need product for a particular event please call us to ensure we can arrange shipment in time


Is there a setup fee?

No we do not charge a fee for setup.


I own/work at a store, can I order EyeBlack to sell at retail?

Yes!! We offer Retail Packaging. Please work with a Retail Sales Specialist. Please call or Email Alex at


Does it really last the whole game?

We believe it works very well. The product is worn by hundreds of NCAA and Professional athletes. They have all the choices in the world when it comes to EyeBlack and they keep coming back to us.


Is it functional?

EyeBlack is a functional sports product. It reduces the glare of the sun and is currently worn by the most competitive athletes in the world to peak their performance.


Is the EyeBlack a one-time use product?

Yes, our EyeBlack can only be worn once.


Is there a best time to apply the EyeBlack?

It is best to apply the EyeBlack before you engage in physical activity. We do not recommend you apply the EyeBlack after you have begun sweating, or you run the risk of it peeling off your face.


What is the shelf life of the product?

Our EyeBlack has a shelf life of 2-3 years if you keep it in a dry and cool environment.


Can I get the background of the EyeBlack in any color?

EyeBlack can be ordered with any background color. We fulfill a ton of orders in October with Pink back-ground for Breast Cancer Awareness events. The black background is the most functional as it minimizes the most glare.


Which countries do you currently deliver to?

We deliver anywhere and have delivered to countries in 5 of 7 continents.


Do you accept returns?

For in-stock products we will accept exchanges.  Custom products however, once we receive all approvals and the order has been placed there are no refunds unless there is a production error on EyeBlack's part.  For all exchanges please call our Customer Support Manager Alex Bertrand (


Find Your EyeBlack

If you cannot find what you are looking for please give us a call or send us an email to