Athletic Eyeblack

Strips and Grease

We developed Athletic EyeBlack to maximize glare reduction and to give athlete’s an extra edge on the field. The physical benefits of eye black are that it minimizes the amount of light coming off your cheek and into your eye. This reduction in light from your cheek, or distracting light, allows the eye to better track a desired object. EyeBlack also provides a mental edge, a "war paint" phenomena. Athletic eye black helps an amateur athlete feel more like a pro. Professional athletes find that glare reduction is critical to their success and allows them to focus their mind on the competition. EyeBlack athletes embrace both of our philosophies, Play Tough, Play Smart. Get the extra edge, maximize your ability to see on the field and get focused to play. Our athletic eye black grease will not sweat off and this provides an extra advantage to take your game to the next level.

How We Perfected It

We have been through a few iterations of Athletic EyeBlack. We have used materials that did not perform as well with sweat and those that did not breathe on the face. After field testing and analyzing the feedback from top athletic trainers and industry experts, we are proud to offer our current Athletic EyeBlack. What we now offer is the best EyeBlack on the market. One key advantage of our Athletic EyeBlack is that the eye black grease won’t sweat off and the eye black strips don’t need any messy glues added to ensure adhesion.

Includes 18 pairs of athletic black EyeBlack, as well as one tube of grease. The perfect combination conveniently packaged for traveling.

Includes 18 pairs of athletic black EyeBlack. Perfect for the athlete throughout his/her season.

Want to get gritty and dirty? This includes one tube of black grease for the athlete to apply in his/her own unique way.