The science behind the answer to "what is eye black," is simple.  All light, whether natural or artificial, can be reflected off of a surface to create glare.   What surprises many people is the fact that one of the strongest reflectors of light is one’s own skin, particularly the area under the eye.  

With the human eye lodged underneath a cheekbone covered by reflective skin, we are naturally trained to ignore the extended cheek during normal daily vision.  However, if a direct light source hits the cheek, a distracting glare is created by the reflection of the light into the eye, causing us to squint.  Squinting reduces both one's field of vision and clarity of sight. In a hyper-competitive sporting event, this unwanted glare can mean the difference between victory and defeat. This is why football players put black under their eyes to reduce the glare.



While noticing the viability of glare reduction, the true purpose of eye black, as a business, EyeBlack acquired US patents that enabled it to add logos, designs and messaging to already existing under eye strips.  From its inception, EyeBlack's primary goal and purpose of eye black was to create the most effective glare reduction product on the market. After extensive testing with collegiate athletes and industry experts, EyeBlack developed a unique material, specifically built to withstand perspiration while adhering to the face.  During that process, EyeBlack also created the only grease product on the market that does not run or melt on one's face.   In just a few short years, EyeBlack transformed from start-up company into the sole creator of the best "Athletic EyeBlack" in the world.  Due to its high quality design, "Athletic EyeBlack" not only lasts the whole game, but it reduces glare, eliminates squinting and improves your field of vision.



Clearly not.  Traditional eye black manufacturers and sports companies produce eye black cheaply and overseas.  These companies sell a vinyl eye black product that harms one's face and does not use breathable materials.  As you can see below, the competition's vinyl material stretches very easily and is not designed to withstand perspiration or adverse weather conditions.  As a result, sweat easily degrades the vinyl adhesive, causing the product to fall off one's face within minutes.  Look at the evidence.  

Our Athletic EyeBlack, on the other hand, is made with a non-woven breathable material that adheres much better when you sweat, and the design and purpose of our eye black is specifically for athletic use.  This non-woven material is very thin, which allows the product to breathe.  When you stretch or tear Athletic EyeBlack, you can clearly see how the non-woven material outperforms its plastic or vinyl competitors.  
Moreover, our grease products, including our classic black face paint stick, are similarly engineered NOT to melt in your bag, stain your uniforms or run all over your face.  At EyeBlack, the goal and purpose of eye black remains the same: make the safest and best performing eye black products in the world, right here in the USA.

Join the EyeBlack team and wear products that work to reduce glare.