Athletic Eyeblack

Strips and Grease

Athletic EyeBlack strips and grease are the choice of thousands of professional football, baseball, and softball athletes. From its inception, EyeBlack’s primary goal has been to create the most effective glare reduction product on the market. After extensive testing with collegiate athletes and industry experts, EyeBlack developed a unique material that is specifically designed to reduce glare and withstand perspiration. Its thin, breathable, and durable material stays on through every stage of the game.

Our innovation and high standards also apply to our EyeBlack Grease. Our grease is engineered for athletes - that means no melting in your bag, staining your uniform, or running down your face.

Includes 18 pairs of athletic black EyeBlack, as well as one tube of grease. The perfect combination conveniently packaged for traveling.

Includes 18 pairs of athletic black EyeBlack. Perfect for the athlete throughout his/her season.

Want to get gritty and dirty? This includes one tube of black grease for the athlete to apply in his/her own unique way.