• Reduces Glare
  • Won't melt in your bag
  • Won't run off your face
  • Dense and rich formula

"Eye black is as much a part of my pre-game preparation as my stick work routines, locker room playlists, and game day socks,” said Rabil. “Having LAXBLACK at all times ensures that I'm prepped to showcase my emotions, as well as suit my functional needs tracking the ball under the bright sun, or stadium lights." - Paul Rabil, Pro Lacrosse MVP

Lacrosse players have a lot of personality and the sport as a whole has embraced using eye black as a tool show both their individuality and their passion for the game. Paul Rabil, arguably the biggest name in the sport, partakes in this lacrosse eye black designs ritual all the time by using eye black.

We've teamed up with Paul Rabil to develop a specific lacrosse eye black composed of a thick formula that will stay on your face. The Paul Rabil LAX eye black will last as long as you do and won't bleed off your face. We are proud to introduce LAXBLACK.

EyeBlack is all we do and we specialize in products designed for use by active Athletes. They are extensively field tested and made only with non-toxic materials that apply smoothly and clean up with ease. Made in the USA, it is easy to see why LaxBlack is the NEW choice in the Lacrosse eye black market. Our tube applicator provides you with the freedom to apply as little or as much product as desired in multiple designs and patterns. With no limitations you can take your look to the next level just like Paul. Simply twist the stick, apply LaxBlack eye black grease and PAINT YOUR PASSION.