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Now you are only limited by your imagination. Our team can build your custom eyeblacks, ready to ship, with your team logo, colors or slogan

Eyeblack for teams

From the individual athlete, to the team or a large giveaway event, EyeBlack sells authentic EB that is used on the field to help reduce the glare of the sun. The material is safe and tested, we have a full line of products that will improve the performance on the field or to help support the team or cause you choose.

New Products

Team Spirit Items | School Spirit Items | Custom Under Eye Stickers

Show your School Spirit with EyeBlack!

EyeBlack  makes great school spirit items.  With over 4,500 designs, we are sure to have custom under eye stickers in a design to fit your School, or create your own Custom Design. 

Build team unity at the big game by wearing custom under eye stickers with your schools’ mascot design on EyeBlack, or sell EyeBlack team spirit items to the fans through Boosters Clubs and School Stores.

Whether you are looking to Fundraise to hand out at your next big event, EyeBlack creates inexpensive and unique custom team spirit items to show your pride for your school!

Build Team Unity with EyeBlack!

EyeBlack custom school spirit items are a great way to bring your Team or League together and show your pride while wearing EyeBlack. 

As a functional product in reducing the glare of the sun when worn on the field, EyeBlack custom school spirit items also look awesome.   With multiple eye black styles to fit all ages and shapes along with over 4,500 designs we are sure to have an EyeBlack to fit your team's enthusiasm and goals, or create your own Custom Design.

Build team unity at the big game by wearing your team or leagues’ mascot design on EyeBlack, or sell EyeBlack to the fans with your other school spirit items.

Whether you are looking to fundraise or for school spirit items to sell or hand out at your next big event, EyeBlack is an inexpensive and unique way to show your pride for your Team or League!


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