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Now you are only limited by your imagination. Our team can build your custom eyeblacks, ready to ship, with your team logo, colors or slogan

Eyeblack for teams

From the individual athlete, to the team or a large giveaway event, EyeBlack sells authentic EB that is used on the field to help reduce the glare of the sun. The material is safe and tested, we have a full line of products that will improve the performance on the field or to help support the team or cause you choose.

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Wear What the Pros Wear

Wear What the Pros Wear

Pro-grade quality + virtually limitless customization = our custom EyeBlack. It's worn by the pros and available to you!

Wear What the Pros Wear
Our Custom EyeBlack

We love our custom EyeBlack.  We were founded on it and we sell more custom EyeBlack than any of our other products.  And it’s awesome.

The possibilities are endless with custom EyeBlack.  We can put just about any logo, graphic, or message on our EyeBlack strips.  Every day we design and produce custom EyeBlack for people all over the world.  EyeBlack is perfect for sports, but because of it’s ability to be customized we see it used in many different settings and events.


The best part of our custom EyeBlack is its quality.  One of our slogans is “wear what the pros wear,” and it is absolutely true.  Our custom EyeBlack is available for purchase by all athletes and fans.  And it is the same, high-quality material you see worn by MLB and NFL players in every game.  The material is a medical grade, breathable tape that stays on all game (no matter the weather or how much you sweat).  We are proud to source locally; all of our products are made in the USA.


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Often, other brands will provide high-quality products to pros and sell lesser-quality products via retail.  But that is not the case with EyeBlack.  The same quality, combined with the ability to customize, is available to you!  And guess what?  You can get a free, no-obligation Virtual Sample of your custom EyeBlack simply by emailing with your logo or design.  So go ahead, send an email, check out your sample, and get some custom EyeBlack for yourself or your team so you can wear what the pros wear.