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Staff Picks: NBA Finals

Staff Picks: NBA Finals

Warriors or Cavs - who will win? Who will Drake cheer for? What will JR's shooting percentage be? Will Draymond get suspended? All this and more is covered in this edition of "Staff Picks."

Staff Picks: NBA Finals

Gabe - Team Sales Specialist - Warriors in 5 - Cavs aren't good on D. Kevin Love is allergic to playing good pick & roll defense. LeBron won't draw double teams when Andre Iguodala is on him 1 on 1. No open shots for Channing Frye.


Peter - CEO - Cavs in 6 - The Warriors are great and the defending champs, but this is the year for Cleveland. They are "due"  and LeBron will deliver. Knocking off the Warriors would be a good thing to see, too.

Joe - Sales Associate - Chef Curry & co. in 7 - King James has a better supporting cast this time around, but they haven't really faced adversity these playoffs, so when the going gets tough I expect them to implode enough for the Warriors to take it in front of their fans. I hope to see Drake courtside for every game, in agony as he tries to choose between Curry and James as his bandwagon buddy.  Ultimately the only true winner here is Anderson Varejao...he doesn't even have to get up in the morning, and he's already a champion.  

drake cavs.png

Josh - Sales Intern - Warriors in 6 - Kyrie can't guard Steph nearly as well as Westbrook did. The Cavs will try to keep up with the Warriors shooting the 3 ball, but I'll take Steph and Klay over Love and J.R. Smith from behind the ark. Steph hasn't forgotten LeBron's comments about his MVP; I'm sure he'll be playing with a little extra motivation there. Plus, the Warriors are 4 wins away from arguably the best season ever so they will be focused on that.

Christine - Graphic Designer - I am writing this review with no background information on the matter of this "NBA playoff" ritual. This is something to do with basketball, correct? All I know is that there is a guy named Steve (?) Curry and that he is on the Warriors team. I've heard of Curry because I like the brand Under Armour, and understand that he has a contract with them of some sort. Plus I like curry.


Kelsey - Trade Show Specialist - Warriors in 6 -  As the good daughter I am, I got tickets to the Wizards vs. Cavaliers game for Father's Day, but LeBron had to "rest" this game to the disappoint all of the DC fans. The Wizards won handedly but I'm still bitter about it. Therefore, I am Team Curry for the win.

Phil - Vice President - Believeland in 4 - Draymond will get a technical before Game 1 starts for complaining that Cleveland is bigger and more physical because they have men and he is stuck with guys that can't fill out their uniforms.  He will then get a Flagrant 1 while trying to foul LeBron, only to get posterized.  He will then argue that call and get his second technical resulting in his ejection out and then suspension.  Kyrie will proceed to break Steph's ankles and then it will be Klay vs the Big 3 - a reversal of last year  - with Klay and JR Smith having long distance 3 point shooting contests. This series will solidify the ‘96 Bulls as the best team ever, as if there is even an argument.


David - Director of Sales & Marketing - Warriors in ? - I feel that the Warriors will win the series, but the real winner will be the fans.  Lebron is the best all around player on the planet and Steph is the best scorer on the planet.  You can't ask for much more.  It will be a great match up with 2 of the best players ever.  I am hoping the series goes 7 games so we don't have to watch hockey to get our playoff fix.

Dylan - Production Manager - Warriors in 6 (just like last year) - This is the same poised Warriors squad from a year ago and when they are clicking they just can’t be stopped. Also, with the Cavs there is inexperience from everyone not named LeBron. When things break down and GS goes on their runs, who can you count on with the Cavs to turn to? But hey prove me wrong Believeland.


Ariana - Social Media Consultant - Warriors in 5 - Who could stop the Warriors!  The brilliance that was on display at the end of the Thunder series from Klay and Steph will continue in this series (and don’t forget Iggy’s incredible defense)!  The Cavs will battle, but the Warriors are great.

Tom - Art Director - Warriors in 5 - J.R. Smith is going to shoot the Cavs out of the gym with sub 30% from 3-pt range.  Kevin Love is going to give up at least 2 triple-doubles to Draymond Green.  LeBron will eat in moderation.  But most of all, I have been convinced by Gabe, and will have a Jordan crying face ready before the series begins.

Kevin - Social Media & Marketing Manager - Warriors in 6 - The Warriors are an historically great all-around team that just overcame adversity in historic fashion; they can withstand anything.  Cleveland has much more offensive firepower this time around, but I don’t think there’s any way they can match up defensively with the Warriors.