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From the individual athlete, to the team or a large giveaway event, EyeBlack sells authentic EB that is used on the field to help reduce the glare of the sun. The material is safe and tested, we have a full line of products that will improve the performance on the field or to help support the team or cause you choose.

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EyeBlack Tested and Approved Workout: Field Cardio Circuit

EyeBlack Tested and Approved Workout: Field Cardio Circuit

This awesome workout combines sprints and plyometrics and is the perfect addition to your fitness routine.

EyeBlack Tested & Approved Workout: Field Cardio Circuit

This EyeBlack tested & approved workout was one I used often with my players while coaching, and something I love to include in my personal fitness routine, as well.  It is the perfect addition to your training regimen.  You will most likely simultaneously love (great for fitness) and hate (so draining!) this circuit.  It will definitely improve your fitness level, endurance, and explosiveness - making you ready for game day!

You will sprint to each station (following the arrows in the graphic below) and perform the exercises for each station.  Do not take any breaks in the circuit.  Focus on accelerating quickly at the beginning of each sprint after an exercise.  If you can, perform the circuit at least 3 times, taking a 1-3 minute break in between each circuit.  You will start and finish at the same corner.  To push yourself, time yourself and see if you can improve upon that time over the course of your training regimen.

Field-Cardio-Circuit (1).jpg

This circuit can be done on any field, or anywhere you have about 50 yards to run back and forth (you can simply sprint back and forth, completing the exercises from each station after each sprint).  

If you try out this workout, let us how you like it!  Was it hard?  What was your time? How many times did you complete the circuit?  Will it become a staple of your cardio routine?